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All lyrics written by: Brandy Bedo* 

Copyright 2013 Silhouette Song. All rights reserved.






VERSE/ I ran so far that my feet began to bleed/Searching for anything that would satiate my need/The rain falls down, but my drought spreads like a curse/The more I drink, the more I thirst/I am empty/CHORUS/My idols crack, they’re falling down/They’re falling down, they’re falling down/Dug through the guise, but nothing I found/Nothing I found could satisfy/I need You/VERSE/I built so long that my hands calloused and cracked/ ‘Til walls were thick enough to block any attack/I hide inside, but this fight still makes me bleed/What keeps me safe, is what’s killing me/I am empty/CHORUS



Full Hands



VERSE/ Fear is like a sinking stone/That seethes the sea with its descent/ I feel its heat, I drown alone/ ‘Cause I have tied my life to it/But, if I could let go/ If I could let go/If I could let go/I could breathe/VERSE/Fear is like a crushing weight/That breaks my bones and leaves me bruised/I’m paralyzed in its embrace/ ‘Cause I won’t give my trust to You/But, if I could let go/If I could let go/If I could let go, I’d be free/ CHORUS/If my hands were empty, I’d reach out and take your hand/If my hands were empty, I’d reach out and take your hand/ ‘Cause I know You are reaching down/ To try to help me stand/But how can I give You my hand, when I fill it with sand?/Fill it with sand/VERSE/Fear is like a poisoned drink/But I’m addicted to its taste/ Its deadly false security/That blinds me to what’s really safe/But, if I could let go/If I could let go/If I could let go/I could see/CHORUS






VERSE/ I heard the thieves come in the night/They stole my peace and left a bloody knife/ But you didn’t let them take my life/ So, I still feel the pain, the pain/CHORUS/The pain, the pain, I still feel the pain/I can feel the pain, the pain, I still feel the pain/VERSE/Oh, God, have you forsaken me?/The vultures have picked my bones clean/But you have left my heart beating/So, I still feel the pain, the pain/CHORUS/BRIDGE/ And it feeds the flame like gasoline/The rain that falls is kerosene/ Its swallowing what’s left of me/ I am burning, I am burning/ And ash is all that’s left to take/ But somehow I am still awake/ Enough to feel the constant ache/ The constant ache, I’m wide awake/ And there’s pain, I still feel the pain/CHORUS




VERSE/ Fingers grip the reigns, beneath the neon lights/ I’m gonna ride away and find the stars tonight/ Freedom in the wind that’s tangling my hair/ But I’m on a carousel, I’m not going anywhere/CHORUS/ I know there’s got to be more than this place/ This masquerade that hides an empty face/ It’s a stage, it’s a set, it’s a trick of the light/ Where the lies pirouette through the songs in my mind/VERSE/ By the window sill, I can see outside/ The light I can never touch, still burns my eyes/ Locked in an ornate house, that’s build upon the sand/ I feel it crumbling down, with the keys in my hand/CHORUS/BRIDGE/ This is so wrong, you just pull me down/But I am still holding the hand that helps me drown/CHORUS


First October


VERSE/ Do you remember, we were 18?/ Standing in sheets of the pouring rain?/ You thought I was crazy, I could see in your smile/ But I took your hand and said, “Let’s stay for awhile.”/CHORUS/ Cold and wind and your breath on my skin/ I was falling, like the turning leaves/ Rain on tin, playing songs with the wind/ It was calling, calling me/ Down, down, down, down, deep in your eyes/ Something that I found would change my whole life/ Yeah, you changed my life/VERSE/ I felt electric as we walked through the field/ Like building static on the back of my heels/ Raindrops, like ribbons, woven through my hair/ Your hand so warm against the Autumn air/ CHORUS/




I’m not alone, voices flood the streets/ And our chorus grows, piece by piece/ VERSE/ Beautiful God, You capture my heart/ I give you my life, take every part/ I’m not alone, a sea of hands lifted high/ Raised to our God, like swarms of butterflies/CHORUS/ We praise Your name, We praise Your name/ We praise Your name, we praise Your name/VERSE/ Resplendent King, you steal my breath/ And fill me with songs of your magnificence/ I’m not alone, a sea of hands lifted high/ Raised to our God, like swarms of butterflies/CHORUS/



*Where I Stand (verses from the traditional hymn, “The Solid Rock”)


VERSE/ My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness/ I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus’ name/ On Christ the solid rock I stand/ VERSE/ When darkness veils His lovely face, I rest on His unchanging grace/ In every high and stormy gale, my anchor hold within the veil/ On Christ the solid rock I stand/ CHORUS/ Surely You are stronger than these crashing waves, this beating wind/ We have not built upon the sand, on Christ the solid rock I stand/ VERSE/ His oath, His covenant, His blood/ Support me in the whelming flood/ When all around, my soul gives way/ He then is all my hope and stay/ On Christ the solid rock I stand/VERSE/ When He shall come with trumpet sound, Oh may I then in Him be found/ Dressed in his righteousness, alone, faultless to stand before the throne/ On Christ the solid rock I stand/CHORUS


Dirty Floor


VERSE/ All I can do now is come as I am/ Prayer falls from my lips, while sin drips from my hands/ I kneel on the filth in the corner alone/ Where shadows and skin hide the guilt in my bones, but I know/CHORUS/ You see me as I am/ My shame like the stains on the floor/ So I come just as I am/ And ask you to make me more/VERSE/ My face is a lie that I’ve stretched over bone/ The face underneath is all sadness and stone/ The words on my tongue aren’t the thoughts no one hears/ The thoughts underneath are all venom and fear, but I know/CHORUS/ VERSE/  I heard hinges creak and light leaked from the door/ Broken glass cracked under steps on the floor/ I hid my face from the approaching man/ But when He reached down, I saw scars in his hands, and he spoke/ CHORUS/ I see you as you are/ Made clean by the cross that I bore/ I don’t see the stains on your life/ Now get off that dirty floor/ Get up of that dirty floor


Paper Faces


VERSE/ I buried all my hope inside the Winter/ Beneath the ice, among the skeleton trees/ Sealed under the blanket of December/ Where the frost fuses the yellowed, fallen leaves/ VERSE/ I bought the plastic smiles from paper faces/ Like gum machines dispensing sugared words/ They made sure that they hugged me when they whispered/ Their hands were just too clean to touch my hurt/CHORUS/ I can see my life, split open wide/ If hypocrisy is what defines you and me, will we be undone by our duplicity?/ Nothing here is right, nothing is right/ Our brokenness is a growing abyss, and we’re drowning in it, God I’m drowning in it/VERSE/ My body aches from sleeping in an alley/ In a part of town where no one wants to walk/ Sometimes I glimpse my grave inside this valley/ But no one’s there to help me climb back up/ CHORUS




VERSE/ Why is life in such a hurry?/ It moves so fast, so fast/ I was thrown into today, with my fingers still clutching the past, in the past/ ‘Cause you’re gone, and I can’t get you back/CHORUS/ But I can still feel the warmth of the Summer breeze/ At the end of the day, by the willow tree/ Where we’d sit in the swing, with your arm around me and my hands full of roses/ VERSE/ Its cold outside today, the Winter’s been long, its been long/ And the branches hang low with the weight of the snow, but they’re strong, they hold on/ We hold on, we hold on/ CHORUS


Nothing More


VERSE/ Your grace is enough/ Help me empty my hands/ I’ve filled them with dust, doubt and demands/ You give to me/ And you take away/ But You know my needs, and you will sustain/ CHORUS/ So I sing Hallelujah as I watch my ship go down/ Hallelujah, with the breath before I drown/ Because Your love’s the ocean, that stretches to the shore/ You are all I need/ I need nothing more

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