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 Music runs through their veins; it's in their blood. For the members of Silhouette Song, being part of the band means much more than sharing a creative connection. It means sharing a family bond three generations deep.  Originally founded by Justin and Brandy Bedo as a husband and wife duo, Silhouette Song finally realized its potential as a band, when their two children and Brandy's mother completed the group.


 Being a family band makes Silhouette Song unique, but it never reduces them to a novelty. The music they create is authentic, deep, and thought provoking. With honest lyrics and a banjo-driven sound that's layered with folk, rock and bluegrass influences, Silhouette Song challenges the lines of genre to create something all their own. 












Justin and Brandy's daughter, Layna, is currently taking a break from the band to serve in the United States Air Force. We are so proud. 


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