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Catch Me   -  Lyrics: Brandy Bedo  Music: Justin and Brandy Bedo

Heartbeats get lost/ in the ticking clock./Door  shuts again/echoes under my skin. /Standing in line/paying them my time/I am so numb/ Are we worth more than just getting it done?  / Chorus: Can you catch me running in the rain? / I look back and see the moments stream down your face/  Can you let go of everything? / I’ll give you something that lasts past what we’re trying to gain./  Familiar phone/you’ll be late getting home/  Heart spills on the floor/ Is this really what life is for? / Chorus


Hope Music and Lyrics: Brandy Bedo

You have placed a hope in me that’s bigger than the pain I see./ It’s deeper  than the damage goes/it’s stronger than my aching bones/Chorus one:  So I sing Hallelujah, I give you praise/The darkness here can’t dim your grace/ Your perfect peace like snow floats down,/and beauty frosts the dirty ground/  Oh, you are where my./Oh, you are where my/ Oh, you are where my, my hope is found/ Your voice rattles against my soul,/a whisper that you’re in control/ Questions strike as hard as stones/but you’ve got my hand and you won’t let go./ Chorus two: So I sing Hallelujah, my God above/My broken heart can’t break your  love/Your perfect peace like snow floats down/ and beauty frosts the dirty ground/  Oh, you are where my/ Oh, you are where my/ Oh, you are where my, my hope is found/ Chorus one.


My Rock- Music and Lyrics: Brandy Bedo

The weight of the night is bruising the walls of my heart./But I see your mercy spilling through cracks in the dark./In this place where deception is disguised as what’s right./ I yearn for you, Jesus, I kneel in your  light/ Chorus: I fall down before You/I fall down, I adore You/You’re the rock that I cling to now/  While the world’s crumbling down/It’s hard to hold on when I feel anger crawl up my hands/God, you have my trust, but sometimes I still don’t understand/In this place where beauty is shallow and blurred/I long for your glory that breaks all the boundaries of words/ Chorus./ You’ve always been honest when you’ve made a promise/ And you never told me that this would be easy/But you’re there to hold onto in all that I go through/There’s nothing I can’t do through You, who strengthen me/  Chorus.


The Answer- Music and Lyrics: Brandy Bedo

I’ve been searching for a meaning that seems so elusive/I’ve held it in my hands but now it feels inconclusive/And I am breaking down now/ I need to see your  face but I don’t know how/The answer stays well hidden inside all my questioning/I’m pulled every which direction by the weight of reasoning/  And I am faking every smile now/I need to find my soul but I don’t know how/ Chorus: I’m tangled in these questions/Just trying to breathe while my soul is strangled with doubt/If you’re the answer/I need you, I need you, I need you, I need to find out/I reached into the fire; let the heat burn through my skin/ It smiled and promised better while it killed me from within/ I need you more than I have strength to say/  I’m broken do you love me anyway? /Chorus./What is spilling out of me is not what I thought I believed./  I’m all right, I’m all right, I’m all right./  Do I dare to let you in/ where all the cracks in this begin?  /I’m not all right,/ I’m not all right. / Chorus.


This Is Love- Lyrics: Brandy Bedo  Music: Justin and Brandy Bedo

This is love./The beating left him soaked in his own blood./This is love./This is grace./They mocked Him and they spit upon his face./This is grace./This is mercy/He staggered from the pain to Calvary/  This is mercy/They hammered through his hands and feet/And hanging, He could barely breathe./We’ll never know the agony he felt as hours passed/ But His blameless back bore more than pain./As He took upon our every shame/the Father had to look away as his Son breathed his last./Chorus:  This is love, love/It’s written in His blood/ Love, love./This is love./That God, himself, would come to die for us/This is love./This is grace/It  should have been my cross/He took my place/ Amazing grace./This is mercy/That God would step into humanity/This is mercy/I will never really understand the pain of nails piercing my hands/But I know He felt that pain to pay for me./For  all the stains upon my life/I’ll never fully know the price/God, himself, the sacrifice needed to make me clean/ Chorus.

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