About Our Music...

"How do I describe our music? I have wrestled with that issue for a long time. Does "Folk" best describe us? Does "Rock" encapsulate our sound? Genres are limiting, and no matter where I box us in, I always feel like I'm leaving something out. That's especially true with one category, in particular: "Christian Rock".  Justin and I are Christians, but "Christian band" is a label I don't like to wear. It implies restrictions on what I write about and who I'm writing it for.  I'm a transparent writer, and I write about all facets of my life.  Songs about my marriage are built on memories. Songs about pain are because I've suffered. Songs about praise are from a place of sincerity.  I have experienced the joy of leading church congregations in worship, and the privilege of singing my sorrows on the stage of a tavern.  Where does that place our band? What genre does that put us in? In truth, I don't know. But our music always has been and always will be for everyone, who wants to listen."



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